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General Market

    Corfu Online Supermarket

    We deliver to South Corfu. Get everything you need in your apartment, villa or yacht in a few clicks

    Save Time

    Get everything you need, in your doorstep, in a few clicks 

    Express Delivery

    Flexible delivery slots. We deliver when suits you best

    Secure Payments

    Pay through credit card, PayPal or cash on delivery 


    Εat whatever makes you happy


    Wide range of fresh and fozen meat


    Fresh fruits available to buy today



    The most important meal of the day, breakfast. You can find anything about it.


    An amazing selection of drinks

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    Beach Stuff

    Everything you need for the summer

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    Choose from a wide range of chocolates, cookies and chips

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    Bio Cosmetics

    Natural cosmetics based on organic Olive oil and Herbs.

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    Express Delivery

    we deliver at your doorstep

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    Delivery Information

    Currently we deliver from Benitses to Saint George Argyrades

    Same day delivery

    available for orders made until 14:00

    Free Shipping

    minimum order amount applies

    3 Different Delivery Time Slots

    choose which suits you best

    Collect at Store

    receive your order from our physical store

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    Receive a 30% discount on your first order

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